Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zentagle Project

Throughout the Zentagle project I really worked creatively to create my piece. When the project first began, we viewed many different examples of Zentagle ideas. Through viewing these many different and unique pictures, I was inspired by the lines and many different intricate designs. The lines seemed to flow and move across the paper. In my mind, I paralleled this similarly to music. This inspired me to want to make my drawing relating to something musical, to express the movement of the music through the movement of the lines. This inspiration led me to draw my Zentagle in the shape of a phonograph. I was inspired by the music I hear every day out of my own record player at home. However, instead of choosing to draw a record player like the one I own at home, I chose to branch out and draw a phonograph instead. I liked the idea that the phonograph was known for one of the first instruments that played leisure music, and I wanted to incorporate that into my drawing.

At first, we started by drawing little design ideas. Although this was just the start of the project, already it started taking shape and I started gaining ideas and inspiration as to what I wanted to do. I was inspired by my large colored Zentangle square, as the lines and shapes I chose seemed to show movement, and the large triangular shape in the far left corner made me think of the outer rim of a phonograph, which is where my inspiration really took off. 

After I decided what I wanted my inspiration to be, I googled images to try to find one that was close to what I wanted my finished image to look like. After I found one, (the above image) I projected the picture and outlined the phonograph on my own paper. Eventually, I had enough shapes and color that my finished phonograph was complete. Although it was a little too "zany" for my taste, it was extremely tangly, which fit the bill for the assignment. Although, at first, I was skeptical as to how the project would play out, in the end I was able to gain appreciation for intricate designs and shapes. As well as learning and expanding my knowledge of lines, I used colored pencil for my final drawing and I was able to experiment with different techniques and styles of shading and using the pencils in different ways. Overall, I enjoyed this project. 

(the finished project)

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