Monday, March 24, 2014


   Through the past couple weeks, we have continued to work with new mediums and learn new arting skills. Due to the new things that we have been exploring, many various problems would occur as we would work.
   Recently, we have been assigned a project in which we can mimic the style of a specific artist from history. This project especially interested me, because I took an art history class previously and liked it a lot, so I was immediately overwhelmed with ideas about what artist I could chose. However, I quickly jotted down a quick list of familiar artists and artists who had inspired me, and I was able to narrow down what I wanted to do.

This is a picture of the list I made to help me narrow down what I wanted to do. In addition to making this list, using my phone I was able to look up various pieces of art done by each artist and was inspired as to what direction I wanted to take with this project. Creating this list was an example of problem solving that I used to find a solution to the organization problem I had. Making this list allowed me to research each artist that I had an interest in, and focus on which artist was going to be the most realistic for my project choice. 

In addition, in the end I was able to find a painting that I was inspired by and wanted to direct my work towards. I chose this seemingly odd painting by Pablo Picasso because I was inspired by the odd proportions of the face, and wanted to do something similar. 

On a previous day, we worked with acrylic and tempera paints. Very similar to the watercolors that we had been using previously, however with the tempera paint we used, the colors and techniques were different. For a warm-up, we were each assigned a color scale and given the primary colors, and in addition white, and told to make the colors from the scale. At first, it was difficult to start. However, once we remembered the different shading and tinting techniques that we had learned, it was easy for us to create extremely similar colors to that on the palette. 

Through experimentation, (which was quite a lot) we were able to end with a palette very similar to the one given. However, it took some patience and applying our knowledge of the color wheel. 

Overall, we have learned many new techniques and continued to experiment with different ideas. 

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