Thursday, March 13, 2014


Through the course of the past couple weeks, I have been able to start experimenting with new mediums and styles of art. As I have looked back on my art and drawings from the past couple months, I have already noticed a very noticeable change in my style and an improvement in my technique. As we have been drawing different letters in sign language, I have noticed the most difference in my sketches. I have also noticed that as a result of the warm-ups and as a result of my ability to apply my skills, my arting abilities have increased.

This drawing of the sign language letter "d" was drawn towards the beginning of when we started drawing the sign language letters. Although the drawing is obviously a hand, it is still lacking in skill. However, this drawing when compared with previous drawings, has improved greatly. Although it is difficult to see in this picture, I used a technique we learned, called cross hatching, to do the shadow created by the underneath of the hand in this sketch. 

Both of these drawings are improved drawings of hands that I have done since the above one. Another thing that we have been doing has been experimenting with different mediums. Recently, we used oil and chalk pastel and experimented with value. 

In this drawing of the oil pastel sphere, the blend of colors really creates the total image of the sphere. It is obviously apparent that the local color of the sphere is made up of several different colors, in total creating the entire sphere. This sphere also blends colors together, making the light source obviously visible and showing the gradation of the colors. 

In sum, through the past weeks, my arting style has evolved and changed due to the many different techniques and mediums we have used. 

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