Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Post 4

Through the past couple weeks we have continued to art in many different ways. We had two different projects to work on, one mimicking the style of another artist, and one displaying emotion. I was excited to have a project where I could mimic that of another artist, because I had many artists artwork that I admired. For my art project, I chose to mimic the art of Pablo Picasso. I was really inspired by the way he painted using proportions and the way his portraits looked chopped up and distorted. I chose to mimic his art through collaging, which would give me the choppy effect I was looking for.

(insert pic)

For my artwork, I first brought in a bunch of superficial magazines and began cutting pieces of faces and other body parts for my project. I then scrambled them all together, and created my own mimicked Picasso. However, unlike Picasso's work, I took another spin. In an effort to make fun of the world and the many discouraging messages, I made my artwork look like Miley Cyrus and in addition I added superficial words. As seen in my work above, the words seem to be spoken in one ear on the side of the face, and coming out of the other ear is a hand, seemingly saying STOP. Through this message, I was able to portray both my message, and incorporate Picasso's work.

In my other project, I chose to use the bold effects of pop-art to display the emotion that I wanted. I based my artwork off of a loud pop-art, however instead of using the loud word in the middle, I chose to substitute a softer word, to make my work my own and more ironic.

(insert artwork)