Monday, June 2, 2014

New Tricks

As the Art One course slowly draws to an end, we have had many opportunities to create new art pieces with many different mediums. Many of these mediums have been new experiences for me, and have given me a chance to explore new ways to express myself through my artwork. We had the chance to experiment with printmaking, which was something that I had never done before. It was fun to experiment with the linoleum block and the different carving tools to achieve the effect I wanted. However, there were many times that trial-and-error played a role in my artwork. Since print making was something I had never done before, I encountered challenges along the way.

The picture above is my carved linoleum block, and the picture after is my finished prints. The challenge I found with carving the blocks was that I often either carved away too much, or not enough in the right places, which gave my prints a different effect than I was hoping for, but nonetheless I was still pleased with the results.

Another medium that we experimented with was carving cardboard. This was also a new activity to me, and was introduced as one of our "Fun Friday" activities. Carving the cardboard presented several challenges, for example, it was very difficult to achieve the desired look with the roughness of the cardboard. Despite this and other various challenges with the cardboard cutouts, the finished result and the creation of this project was quick and fun.

Lastly, we recently finished our sculpture projects. This was particularly interesting because I got to experiment with different mediums, and use clay to mold my ideas into a project. For the clay project pictured above, I incorporated both my sculpture project and my change project into one piece. I was able to display my ideas about the growth of the earth and population overtime for my change project, and my sculpture project into one which was something new that I worked out. Overall, as we have continued in Art One, we have continued with several different projects, and in addition, different mediums, allowing for several styles to be produced.

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